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Looking for information on the internet? I do that a lot too. I have put links here that seem to come up more than others. The general links below will open pages containing specific links.

encyclopedias (general knowledge reference-virtual lybraries)

graphics (webpublishing resources)

graphics (miscelanious art)


The Arts (literature, philosophy, Museums and Galleries, music)

United States Government Sites

Romance (dating and personals)

curiosities & diversions

the web stuff (cyber cards etc)



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United States Government Sites

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The Smithsonian Institution

If you like museums you wont be able to stay away from this one

The Library of Congress

A wonderful section is this site is the "American Memory" link. You can browse American memorabilia in Video, image and sound. Navigate to the video's and check the vaudeville exhibit.

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The Census Bureau

Some very useful information here, especially maps, and population statistics.

The Social Security Administration

Wana know your work history and what you've paid in?

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The White House

A good starting place to find government links.  Here you can browse the white house document archives, or keep up with the Pres. There is also a link for kids, so you can take them to the White House and stay home to.

The United States Congress

Search and find your congressional representatives by several different methods, email them, keep up with their voting records.

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