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in various forms of disarray

daveshve.jpg (2423 bytes) Taken in the fall of 93 at the Pea Ridge Civil War Battle Field site on the Arkansas-Missouri border
Taken in the fall of 93 at the Roaring River State Park in Missouri daveov_2.jpg (5233 bytes)
silvertongue5k.jpg (4272 bytes) This pic was taken without my consent, and under duress early one morning in the winter of 95/96. I had been sleeping in a trailer without heat or water and was trying to get ready for work as a painter. It was raining and very cold...hmmmmmm.
Nobody told me there would be days like these.

The pic below is an edited copy of this one.

silvertongue1.gif (23361 bytes)
My baby Kiss

Kiss is short for Kistachie which is a National Forest in Louisiana where I found him. It means "Hunting Ground" and was also the name of the tribe of Native Americans who inhabited that area once.

comming soon...

(he needs a haircut)

comming soon The Kitty Brandywine

I got her off of death row in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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