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I am putting snipets from other pages here that i want to say but were not really appropriate in the other catagories.

I like to have a beer or so when, when im working at the puter writting or doing graphics, or working on a web site, or doing my crafts, or out in the garden, or when I come in from work, it soothes the little pains and helps me realx. I am not really sure why most wemon simply cant tolerate that. I have seen situations where a guy gets mean, and I fully understand how he probably should simply not drink around others-especially those who depend on him for stability and love if he happens to be one of those people. I on the other hand am not at all mean when I drink, in fact I become very mellow. It is hard for two people to get along sober sometimes, and if they cant share in all things, I dont see much hope for the relationship in any set of circumstances. So I tend to look for a Lady who can enjoy sipping a beer or a drink as much as I. One does not have to become falling down drunk to be able to enjoy and benifit from the esthetic, and medicianl purposes provided my alcohol in moderation. The x, and a couple of ladies I have been seriously involved with on a long term-live in type thing just couldn't be at peace with my indulgence though. I'd get home, and we'ed talk, if we didnt have plans for the evening I would want to sit and catch up on the news and weather, maybe watch a know just kick back in my little coner of the world and unwind. The x would usually wait till the third or so when i was finally rested and starting to enjoy my life to begin commenting on all my bad points. I enjoy a bottle of Canadian every 6 months or so. Seems lately (the last 7-8 years or so I have to go get a couple of teeth pulled more often than when i was younger and thats usually when I get a bottle. I will tell the dentist I want codine, and they usually give it to that really bad? I mean wanting some pain relief when they rip a couple of teeth out of your head? I really dont see pain as a character building phenomina so I usually have to insist on the codine. Well to make a long story short, as soon as I get home and my gums stop bleeding i will down a pill and pour a drink. I do this till i am quite sure i need to sleep. I sleep like a baby and when I wake up I dont even notice any discomfort from the missing teeth...cept the holes feel funny. I wouldnt suggest this to everyone as I have a pretty strong constitution and have a good sense of when enough is enough. I am sure there is a dentists, or pharmacist, or doctor reading this somewhere who thinks I am crazy, but I try and stay away from those guys anyway.

I love fish, but honestly feel so strange eating it these days (have you seen what they are dumping in the oceans? Im not talking about the American Industries-who have their own drastic measures. I am talking about Nations like Mexico, China, India, etc etc.) Take the earth quake in Turkey. What was it? 25,000 some odd folks perished and the bottom line was the buildings collapsed due to poor construction techniques (well out right fraudulent techniques-too much sand in the mortar, and salty sand to boot). Turkey has very good, well thought out building codes, but as the money began to change hands that wasnt the priority (following the building codes). It seems that was the case when hurricane Andrew hit florida too, but the point is when it comes to enforcing a code, or feeding your kids which will a building inspector choose? Will they consider the long term quality of life, or the short term emergency of life? I think the majority will choose the long term, and still find ways to feed their families, it is those who don't.