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About The Nick

It seems that an explanation of my chosen nick is in order as many get the wrong impression.

When I was 4 or 5, I was talking with my grandfather Leonard. I forget the topic, but tend to think it was religion or something along those lines.

The book Ferdinand The Bull comes to mind, but that may be because it was one of his favorites.

As we chatted I made some long forgotten remark and with a in his ,

and a sly smile he shook his finger at me and accused

"you're a Silvertongue"

At the time this had no more impact than a fancy for the rather curious imagery the nick inspires.

It found importance when I began cruising (I can't surf) the web.

For several months I struggled (every where ya go they want you to pick a user-name and password)with

assuming an online identity that was appropriate, and also a bit poetic.

Nothing really fit till the memory of that conversation long ago with my grandfather in my mind.

I was delighted as, in my opinion, it fits me to a tee.

In any event,

I am silvertongue

and I am glad you came to see me.



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(considering silvertongue?)



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A Silvertongue in Angelfire

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